Who could be Accredited ?





Accreditation is a process in which accredited bodies ,are approved on some key factors such as “competency” , “authority” & “credibility” for provide


audit , certification , inspection or training services.



Nowadays becoming accredited is considered as the most important factor for conformity assessment / training organizations to proof & demonstrate


their competence in the marketplace.




BRITAA Accreditation Programs :


Organization Type

Accreditation Purpose

Reference standard/Model

Certification Bodies

Management system (ISO) certification

ISO / IEC 17021

Inspection Bodies

Inspection goods & services

ISO / IEC 17020

Industrial Laboratories

Testing of

materials & products

ISO / IEC 17025

Medical Diagnostic Laboratories

Diagnose of medical tests

ISO 15189

Training Providers

Training services

BRITAA Requirements for Training Providers



BRITAA has defined regulation for each accreditation program separately for accreditation applicant bodies.



BRITAA accreditation regulations are simple  & economic but nonetheless according to international standards & regulations such as ISO/IEC 17011 .