Why BRITAA have Come ?


High amount of Current need of Accreditation Applicants & Weak Response by
National  IAF member AB’s !


National & governmental Accreditation bodies are active in each country , usually have not sufficient human resources for their assessment & accreditation activities that causes applicants to be lingered for a long duration & lose their motivation & preparedness for assessment process. In this case BRITAA for avoid of mentioned problem has been employed & trained sufficient full time & freelance assessors , technical experts & also administrative human resources , so that all accreditation applications will be handled & respond at earliest time & applicants will be informed about the result.


Unfair & illogical approach by IAF for accepting only one accreditation body (national/governmental) for each country for membership !


BRITAA aims to terminate accreditation activities exclusive existing by IAF members !
hence we are attempting to define a new complex of accreditation regulations with a new approach   & to form the 2nd formal worldwide accreditation association is named “IAB” (International accreditation board) that will be open to all accreditation bodies for membership regardless private or national .
IAB will have it’s special membership criteria & will be cooperated closely with international standardization organizations .
We believe firmly that no any organization or association could not made accreditation exclusive & the only criteria for being & existing as an accreditation body is compliance with ISO IEC 17011 (conformity assessment

– General Requirements for accreditation bodies accrediting conformity assessment bodies)


Innovating new models & structures for Accreditation !


Now , current accreditation regulations & procedures on current IAF member accreditation bodies is not flexible , difficult to be met & also high cost for accreditation applicants & even in some cases unachievable !
BRITAA has defined new flexible procedures that are possible for applicants to be met with logical & feasible costs.


Worldwide Activity !


Now , accreditation applicants will be usually deprived, if they intend to be accredited by an accreditation body from other country due to IAF rules (says accreditation applicants should be accredited by their own regional accreditation body) !

In this case , BRITAA approaches differently ! However BRITAA has been located in United Kingdom but it operated in other regions by it’s authorized assessors & representatives , so that any applicant from each country could apply BRITAA to be assessed & accredited !