1.Worldwide accreditation service in five continents …



However BRITAA has been located at UK , but it is developing it’s authorized representatives & assessors in many regions worldwide


including east Asia , Middle east , America , north of Africa & Australia .



Therefore BRITAA is open to each applicant from any country , so that any request for accreditation will be handled at the shortest time.




2.Stabilize new approach to accreditation around the world …




Due to current inflexible , strict & high cost requirements for accreditation by IAF members , BRITAA aims to define a new flexible ,logical ,


achievable & feasible structure (off course according to ISO IEC 17011) to grant accreditation to applicants.




3.Establish the 2nd international accreditation association (IAB) …




Due to assigning regulation relating to accreditation field is not absolutely exclusive to any unique organization , BRITAA is resolute


to establish a new formal association for accreditation globally within maximum 4 years after it’s activity is initiated .


The 2nd worldwide accreditation association is named “international accreditation board” (IAB).


IAB will has it’s special regulation for accreditation with consideration to both ISO/IEC 17011 requirements & also a new approach to


 accreditation field.



4.Begin & develop cooperation with “International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation” (ILAC) …



BRITAA aims to achieve full compliance with requirement of ISO IEC 17011 & be member of ILAC respectively on affiliate , associated & full


membership levels in order to use ILAC grant accreditation to laboratories according to ISO IEC 17025 & ISO 15189.